I Love a Sailor

Cat. #0367 (MFH #372) - As sung by Mr. Walter Vaughn, Springfield, Missouri on July 8, 1959

I love a sailor, a sailor loves me
He sails every night to my home
He's not a sailor that sails o'er th sea
Nor over th milky white foam
He owns an airship that sails upon high
He's just like a bird on th wing
And most every night by th moons silvery light
He sails to my window and sings

Come, take a trip in my airship
Come, take a sail 'mong th stars
Come, take a trip around Venus
Come, take a sail around Mars
There'll be no one to see while were kissing
No one to watch while we spoon
Come, take a trip in my airship
And vist th man in th moon

One night, while sailing away through th clouds
We passed through th milky White Way
And, while we were sailing an' watching th clouds
He asked me, if I'd name th day
Back near th Dipper, I gave him my heart
Th stars shines on our honeymoon
We swore to each other we never would part
And teach all th babies th tune