Go A Sparkin'

Cat. #0369 (MFH #222) - As sung by Mr. Fred High, High, Arkansas on July 14, 1959

O, if you wan'a go a sparkin'
I'll tell ya where t' go
Down th creek, down here below
Went down there an' the ole folks gone
Children all a cryin' with their heads not combed

They asked me t' dinner an' I thought I'd eat
Put it on me t' carve up th meat
Give me an ole dull knife without 'er fork
Sawed half-an-hour an' I could'nt make a mark

I sawed an' sawed an' I got it on th floor
Give it a little kick an' sent it through th door
One of them girls said, you'd better run
Fer yonder comes Dad, with a double barrel gun

I jumped in th door, jest as brave as a bear
Tangled up my fingers in th ole gents hair

(Later on I married one of them girls)

First step he give me, was an ole gray horse
Already saddled for t' throw my leg a cross't
Jumped in th saddle an' spured 'im my heel
An' th crooked legged devil throwed me half across th field

Next step he give me was a long barreled gun
Notches on th hammer, where ya always put your thumb
First give a fire an' then give a smoke
Next I seen was th devil on a poke