Mick Brangans Pup

Cat. #0377 (MFH #415) - As sung by Mrs. Olive Coberley, Wheatland, Missouri on July 29, 1959

Ole Mick Branagan had a bull pup
Bow legged and two crooked eyes
Once glance at his snagle tooths enough
For th devil, himself in disguise

Bow-wow, an' a pup to be sure
He'd fight an' he'd never give up
There never was known such a wonderful dog
As ole Mick Branagans pup

Italian come along with an organ, one day
Monkey tied fast to a string
An' when this dog saw it, he yelled with delight
He gave a most wonderful spring
He upset the organ, th grinder an' all
He busted the organ, inside
An' be-jabers, he tried to swallow th monk
But it stuck in his throat an' he died