Keep Bachelor Hall

Cat. #0383 (MFH #339) - As sung by Mr. Dillard Reeves, Huntsville, Arkansas on July 30, 1959

This is th fortune of all women kind
Their always controling, their always confined
Confined to their parents till they are made wise
Made slaves for their husbands th rest of their lives

Washing an' ironing, they daily do
Darning an' mending, I'll bring that in too
Poor little children they have t' maintain
O, how I wish, I was single again

Th young men go courting, they dress up so fine
They make up and fix up th news of their line
They tittle an' tattle an' make fun an' lie
An' keep th young girls up to just is to die

Th girls will jump up an' thus they will say,
O boys, I'm so sleepy I wish you'd go 'way
Your nothin' but false heart and not worth a darn
Before you get home, you will lodge in some barn

All th next day, you'll stagger and reel
Saying, God bless those sweet girls, how sleepy I feel
If I were a young man, I'd court none a 'tall
I'd live every day single, I'd keep bachelors hall

Th bachelors hall, were I think is th best
Come home drunk or sober, lie down take your rest
No wife there to scold you, no children to sqawl
I'd cling toward young men, keep bachelors hall