Putting On Airs

Cat. #0395 (MFH #510) - As sung by Thomas J. Flemming, Prairie Grove, Arkansas on August 19, 1959

Now, all you white folks gather 'round
Listen to this darkies say
Of fashions of th country 'round
An' of th white folks way
Th women with their big hoop skirts
An' hat pins through their hair
You know they are to ole to flirt
Their jest a putting on airs

CHORUS No use talkin', no use talkin'
For it is so everywhere
When th peoples do as th fashions do
Their bound to put on airs

Now, when th girl gets about sixteen
O, don't she thinks she some'n
An' a flop that sports a big moustache
Is th kind she likes to come
Two hours before th lookin' glass
Prepares to meet 'im there
An' when the boy steps in th door
O, don't she put on airs

Now, when a boy gets 'bout eighteen
O, he's not worth th rid
With a plenty moustache around his mouth
An' nothin' in his head
He patronize th tailor shop
Gets trust for all he wears
And when he steps among th girls
O, don't he put on airs