Woman Sufferage

Cat. #0403 (MFH #694) - As sung by Mrs. Chloe Bain, Elkton, Missouri on September 6, 1959

Some fine morning we'll all awake
T' find th stand that th women will take
They'll change this world, all upside down
Have a lady mayor, in ever town
Spend all th money before men make
T' run th country, they'll undertake
They say, th men they don't advance
So, I think it's time t' let the women have th pants

Th men of th house will have to fix
While his wife, talks politics
Their going to go to th legislature hall
Say, their go'na make th laws
Ole maids will be in power then
They'll try t' marry all th single men
Th men that refuses to take a wife
Will have to go to th pen, for life

All you men will take back seats
While th women police th streets
Then you dare not smoke or chew
For you'll catch it if you do
They'll be ruling th courts, you'll see
Judge an' jury, that will be
All th machines, they'll have to owe
An', we poor hes, won't stand no show

Now, to all you married men
By nine a'clock you'll have to be in
Search your pockets, your wife is right
She would lick ya if ya come home tight
She, tell ya she's boss now
Ain't no use to raise a rowe
You'll have to obey your Mother-in-law
In silence listen to her jaw

We'll have women sailors and soldiers too
Day an' night, they'll run that's true
A womans weapon is her tongue
An' when she weilds it, you are stung
Takes a woman so long t' dress
The army will be in a mess
They'll wear tight shoes an' cannot walk
An' about each other, they'll stop an' talk

Ever since th world begin
Th woman has tried to rule th men
She made man commit th first offense
An' she's been after 'im ever since
Th Lord made th world and he rested then
He made man an' he rested again
He made woman at the mans expense
An', th Lord nor man's ever rested since