Twenty One Years

Cat. #0404 (MFH #639) - As sung by Mrs. Chloe Bain, Elkton, Missouri on September 6, 1959

Th judge said, stand up boy
An' dry up your tears
Your sentenced to Nashville
For twenty-one years
So, kiss me goodbye, babe
An' say, you'll be mine
For twenty-one years is
A mighty long time

Th sleet on th window
Th smoke from th stack
I know you'll be true blue
Until I get back
So, hold up your head, babe
An' dry up your eyes
For best friends must part, babe
So must you an' I

So, go ask th governor
Save all your sweet soul
If you can't get a pardon
Try t' get a parole
If I had th governor
Where th governor's got me
Before, Tuesday morning
That governor'd be free

Six months have gone by, babe
I wish I was dead
This dirty ole jailhouse
With a club for a bed
It's raining, it's hailing
Th moon gives no light
O baby, please tell me
Why you never write

I've counted th paydays
I've counted th lights
I've counted th minutes
I've counted th nights
I've counted th footprints
I've counted th stars
I've counted a million
Of these prison bars

I counted on you, babe
To get me a place
I guess you forgotten
I'm here for your sake
You know who killed thee
You know it full well
But I'll rot in this jailhouse
Before I will tell

Come all you young fellas
With heart brave an' true
Don't trust in a woman
Your deceived if you do
Don't trust any woman
No matter what kind
For twenty years, boys
Is a mighty long time