Answer to Ninety Nine Years

Cat. #0407 (MFH #11) - As sung by Mrs. Chloe Bain, Elkton, Missouri on September 6, 1959

Th walls of th prison
So cold an' so gray
These iron bars, I looked thru
For many a day
Th guard with his rifle
Who once guarded me
Are all left behind
An' again I am free

I'm free from my ole pals
Have all drifted on
Even my Dad, an'
My Mother have gone
I still see my Mother
Her face wet with tears
As she heard me sentenced
For ninety-nine years

Tho', I was not guilty
They sent me away
Away from my loved ones
To prison to stay
Th Judge could have saved me
But he goes th case
An' he sentenced me with a
Smile on his face

He sent me to prison
An' ruined my life
Th girl I once trusted
He took for his wife
He led her to sorrow
He cheated in life
In less than a year
He had cast her aside