A Lensman, A Tinsman, A Tinker, A Tailor

Cat. #0411 (MFH #373) - As sung by Mrs. Olive Coberley, Wheatland, Missouri on September 9, 1959

I have often heard it said,
By my Father and Mother
Not going to a wedding
Makes room for another
If that be th case
Then I'll go without bidding
An', I'll leave it to you all
If I'm not anxious for a wedding

A lensman, a tinsman, a tinker, a tailor
A pedler, a peedler, a plowboy or a sailor
Out'a pity, out'a pity, out'a pity, pity, pity
O, don't let me die an ole maid
Pray take me out'a pity

I have a sister, Susan
She is younger than I am
Before she was sixteeen years old
She was taken
Before she was eighteen
She became a fine author
An' I am six and forty
Thank goodness not an author