Scopes Trial

Cat. #0418 (MFH #588) - As sung by Mr. Vance Randolph, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on September 24, 1959

O, th folks in Tennessee, as faithful as can be
An' they know th Bible teaches what is right
They believe in God above an' his great undying love
An' they know they are protected by his might
Then, t' Dayton come a man, with 'is new ideas so grand
An' he says, we come from monkeys, long ago
But in teachin' his belief, Mr. Scopes found only grief
For they would not let their ole religion go

You may find a little belief, it will only bring you grief
For a house that's built on sand is sure t' fall
An' Mr. Scopes will learn, wherever he may turn
That, th old religions better after all