So Long, It's Been Good to Know You

Cat. #0042 (MFH #565) - As sung by Clyde "Slim" Wilson, Springfield, Missouri on March 3, 1958

I've sung this song but I'll sing it again
Of th place where I lived on the wild windy plain
In th month of April in th county called Gray
Here's what all of th people there say

It's so long, it's been good to know you
So long, it's been good to know you
So long, it's been good to know you
This dusty old dust is a gettin' my home
And I gott'a be driftin' along

The dust storm came and it came like thunder
It dusted us over an' covered us under
It blocked out the traffic an' blocked out th sun
And straight for home, all th people did run
Singing (chorus)

The sweethearts set in th dark and they sparked
They hugged and they kissed in that dusty old dark
They sighed, they cried, they hugged an' they kissed
Instead of marriage they were talking like this
Honey (chorus)

The telephone rang and it jumped off th wall
That was th preacher a makin' his call
He said, kind folks, this may be the end
You've got your last chance at salvation of sin
Well, th church it was jammed, th church it was packed
Th dusty old dust storm had blew so black
Th preacher could not read a word of his text
So he folded his specs, took up a collection
And said (chorus)