A Pretty Fair Maid In Yonders Garden

Cat. #0445 (MFH #511) - As sung by Mr. William Edens, Mont Ne, Arkansas on January 20, 1960

A pretty fair maid in yonders garden
A jolly young soldier, came riding by
Saying, pretty fair Miss, will you marry a soldier
O no, kind sir, it was th reply

I have a true love, gone into th war
At four long years has been gone, from me
An' if he's gone, a four years longer
No man on earth, can marry me

Perhaps your true love are drownded
Or in some battle an' slain
Perhaps, he's come 'cross some fair girl married
If he is drowned, I hope he's happy
Or in some bat-tle an' slain
An' if he's come 'cross some girl married
I love th girl that married him

VERSE 4 He ran his hands into his pocket
His fingers grew both light an' small
He drew out th ring that 'e wore, between them
An' at this thing, O she did fall

He picked it up in his arms an' kissed her
He kissed her once't, yes two, three
Saying, pretty fair maid, I am the soldier
Returning home, to marry thee