My Mother's Bible

Cat. #0045 (MFH #413) - As sung by Ed Stilley, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on February 5, 1958

In my hand I hold a treasure
O, I praise it beyond no measure
For it brings to me sweet memories of old
When th night was dark an' dreary
By th fireside bright and cheery
Mother hold it in her hands so worn an' old

It's my Mothers dear old Bible
Dear old precious, worn out Bible
She read so many, many years ago
With its pages worn and wrinkled
Where her tear drop there did sprinkle
As she read it by the fireside, long ago

Mother left it as a token
For th love that was never broken
As she whispered when she kissed away my tears,
When your life is dark an' dreary
Mothers Bible then will cheer you
If you read it while you walk th streets of gold

What a blessed happy meeting
When my Mother I'll be greeting
In that city where there'll never come no night
When I've crossed from all my sorrow
In that blessed tomorrow
When I tell her how her Bible led me right

At th gate I know she's waiting
To the angels she's relating
How she left her dear old Bible here for me
All it seemed I c'n hear her calling
Lifes sweet music gently falling
Read my Bible till th Saviour sets me free
At th gate I knows she's waiting
An' beside her Lord, will seat me
When the angels are singing around th throne
O, I long to tell th story
To the angel up in glory
How my Mothers dear old Bible led me right