The Pines Of Vermont

Cat. #0462 (MFH #512) - As sung by Mr. Fred Smith, Bentonville, Arkansas on January 20, 1960

Beneath th pines of dear Vermont
You'll find a lonely grave
Beneath th mound an' marble white
There lies a hero brave
He went to war, for those he loved
An' as he marched away
With hearts so light an' banner bright
They heard him proudly say

If I should fall on th battlefield
Take me back to th scenes of my childhood
Lay me at rest near th pines, I love best
That grow 'round my home, in th wildwood
I love th flag, its stars an' stripes
An' always will bear to th front
But if in this strife
I should give up my life
Let me sleep neath th pines of Vermont

One day, he came back home from war
With honor an' with fame
An' with that bloody battle would
With him, th dead ones came
An' as they took him neath th pines
He lay there racked with pain
Th stars shone bright
He said, goodnight
An' mummered once again