Social Union

Cat. #0474 (MFH #591) - As sung by Mr. Alford, Delmar, Arkansas on February 2, 1960

Come old and young an' hear me tell
A strong tobacco smoke or smell
Who love to smoke a pipe, so well
It for tobacco, they will sell
Their rights for social union

Well, th ladies sweet an' it is true
But, they have learned to use it too
It's almost make a monkey laugh
To see them spit upon their hats
An' talk of love communion

From five to six we see
Out in th bushes, a breakin' th stick
The sticks are what th swabs are made
An' then a bunch, they'll all parade
An' there for snuff communion

An' now, th snuff box is took out
An' with the swabs, they'll dip it out
They'll rub their gums till they are sore
Th swabs are spoiled, some three or four
An' talk of marriage union