Prisoner At The Bar

Cat. #0487 (MFH #220) - As sung by Mrs. Kenneth "Alice" Wright, Hurley, Missouri on May 22, 1960

Th judge was there, th jury too
An' people from afar
A fair young lad, in tender youth
Was prisoner at th bar
Th great courthouse was crowded
With a large an' anxious throng
An' many a heart was aching
For th boy accused of wrong

A maiden fair, with golden hair
Crept softly through th crowd
Th people gazed with wandering eyes
Spoke not a word aloud
An' stepping to th jury box
One moment she did pause
Then smiling thru her tears she said,
Jundge, let me plead his cause

Now, judge, your mind must wander back
To those long years gone by
An' see your sweetheart an' yourself
Just like this lad and I
If you don't mean to ruin my life
Don't say that we must part
Remember judge, your own dear wife
Was once your own sweetheart

Nest Sunday is our wedding day
An' dreams of future life
Then, to th altar we will go
To make me his darling wife
Unless you mean to break my heart
If you send this boy away

Th judge rose slowly from his seat
Th room was still as death
An' stepping to th jury box
With a faltering breath he said,
I have a little girl, at home
With just such baby eyes
With piece of mercy scattered here
Will flourish in th skies

Th jury did not leave th room
For they had quickly agreed
Th foreman briefly signed th note
An' gave th clerk, to read
Not guilty was the only words
This maiden heard them say
Her lover clasped her in his arms
Th boy passed away