Peggy And The Soldier

Cat. #0573 (MFH #517) - As sung by Mrs. Virginia Morris, Springfield, Missouri on August 6, 1962

There was a young soldier
In time of th war
He had a lame leg
An' on his face a great scar
He met in th streets
With a lady, so fair
She fell in his arms
Like an infant most dear

O Peggy, o Peggy
O Peggy, said he
If you'll forsake love
An' go with me
You never shall want
For th seat of a chair
If you will sail over seas
With a soldier

They had not been sailing
More weeks, two or three
Till Peggy an' th soldier
They could not agree
He kicked her, he cuffed her
He called her th whee
He made her sail back
To 'er own country

An' when she got there
It was very late in th night
She was ashamed fer her face
T' be seen in daylight
She went to th window
To listen awhile
To hear her dear husband
Sing to her dear child

T'was rock-a-bye-baby
O, rock-a-bye-babe
Your Mother an' th soldier
Have sailored away
We have blankets in th windows
An' the waters so clear
Your Mother sailed over seas
With a soldier