Why the Possum's Tail am Bare

Cat. #0058 (MFH #675) - As sung by Mrs. Allie Long Parker, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on April 14, 1958

Tammy was the only Negro running on a packet
Got lonesome in a barber shop, could'nt stand th racket
So, he, to amuse himself he steamed some wood and bent it
Soon he had a banjo, th first that was invented

Now, thar is dat possum's tail that I is a singin'
Hair so long, so thick an' strong, jest right for banjo string'n
So, he shaved 'em off as close as washes in a draces
Soon he had 'em sorted out from little E's to bases

Tuned 'er up, struck a jig, never mind th weather
Sounded like forty-leven bands a playin' all together
Th serpent hit, the painter yell, what makes all the fussin'
Where you find th banjo, there's Negro's an' th possum