She Gave Everything Away

Cat. #0581 (MFH #595) - As sung by Everette Conklin, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on July 23, 1961

Well, I had me a gal
She lived on a farm
She had corn in th crib
She had hay in th barn
Poor old cows, she milked every day
She would'nt sell milk an' butter
She just give it away
She had a habit
Givin' everything away

She had chickens in th coop
Pigs in th pen
Sugar in th bowls
She had flour in th bin
Now, this gal of mine, lived away down south
She had plenty of meat
In her smoke house
She would'nt sell it
She just liked to give it away

She got tired of th country
Would'nt farm no more
She went to town, she got work in a store
She got 'long fine
Till one day when
They caught her givin' goods away to th men
Well yes, they caught her
Givin' everything away

Well, she lost her job
She did'nt care
She went to a honky tonk
She drank some beer
She drank some whiskey
Some homebrew too
Now, th Lord only knows what it made her do
She had a habit
A givin' everything away

Max Hunter transcribed the singer's name as "Everett Conklin."