Anybody Wan'na buy a Grit

Cat. #0603 (MFH #13) - As sung by Boyce Davis, Lincoln, Arkansas on January 13, 1968

(All of this is talked)

"I was settin down at Claudes Tavern with a good friend of mine, Tom Kirby. Had just got off work an' stopped in for a couple a beers for we went home. We had about three an' were gett'n ready t' go when the door opened and a little boy walked in.

You could tell by his nose he was cold. Wore no coat, his elbows was patched an' ragged, his hands were dirty from th newspapers, his nose was run'in, his little eyes were water'n as he stepped in out'a th cold damp air.

He walked down along th bar first talk'in to one person then another. Then he walked up t' Tom, an he says, any you son-a-bitches want'a by a Grit."

Boyce said he wrote this song after hearing one like it.

(Ernie Deane tells a little story about Grandma telling Christmas stories)