Th Man With S' Many Names

Cat. #0613 (MFH #440) - As sung by Paralee Weddington, Busch, Arkansas on February 8, 1968

Some men are so anxious for honor an' fame
They spend all their lifetime in getting a name
To much of a name is a possible thing
An' that's what you think when you hear what I say
My Father an' Mother were excellent folks
They both had a weakness for practical jokes
An' when I was born, they was both of one mind
They said I should have all th names they could find

It was, Johnathan, Joseph, Jeramia
Timothy, Titus, Sabadia.
William, Henry, Walter, Sam
Rufus, Ruben, Solomon, Jim
Nathaniel, Daniel, Abry-ham
Roderick, Fredrick, Peter, Sam
Simon, Timon, Nicholas, Pat
Christopher, Dixie, Hoseiphat

When I went to get married th case was so bad
Th Preacher stared at us as tho' he were mad
Says he, my dear sir, t'is a very great shame
Your parents denied you a sensible name
T'is name without reason, t'is name without rhyme
You'll have to get married a piece at a time