Wabash Cannonball

Cat. #0615 (MFH #706) - As sung by Boyce Davis, Lincoln, Arkansas on February 29, 1968

From the waves of the Atlantic
To th wide Pacific shore
From th coast of California
To icebound Labrador
There's a train of a duesy layout
That's known quite well by all
Th bos accommedations
Called th Wabash Cannonball

This train runs into Quincy
Monroe an' Mex-ie-co
Roars thru Kansas City
An' she's never run'n slow
She whips into Birmingham
An' makes a awful squall
Folks know by 'er whistle
She's th Wabash Cannonball

So listen to 'er ramble
An' listen to 'er roar
She tears along the valleys
And echoes by th shore
Hear th rush of th engine
Hear that lonesome hobo's call
As you ride th rods and brake beams
On th Wabash Cannonball

Now, th eastern states are dandy
So th people always say
From New York to Saint Louis
An' Chicago by th way
From th hills of Minnesoto
Where th rippl'in waters fall
No transfers 'll be taken
On th Wabash Cannonball

Nows, here's to Daddy Claxton
May his memory ever stand
Never be forgotten
By th bo's throughout th land
When this earthly race is over
An' th curtain 'round us fall
We'll carry im home t' victory
On th Wabash Cannonball