Put Me In Your Pocket

Cat. #0634 (MFH #518) - As sung by Paralee Weddington, Busch, Arkansas on March 7, 1968

Two lovers sit one evening
Beneath th pale moonlight
Tomorrow he must go away
Lifes battles for to fight
He told her that he loved her
That he'd return one day
An' take her for his darling wife
And then I heard him say

Put me in your pocket,
So I'll be close to you
No more will I be lonesome
An' no more will I be blue
An' when we have to part, dear
There'll be no sad adieues
Pry me in your pocket
An' I'll go along with you

An' when at last he did return
For a happy wedding day
His sweetheart she was absent
To Heaven she had gone
But she left to him her photo-graph
On which she wrote this song