Mountain Meadows

Cat. #0675 (MFH #430) - As sung by Tom Aley, Ozark, Missouri on February 8, 1969

Come all you sons of liberty
An' to my rhyme give ear
T'is of a bloody massacre
You presently shall hear
In th splendor of a mountain sight
Forty wagons came
And they were attack-ed by an evil band
O, Utah where's they shame

In Indian colors, all dressed in shame
This bloody band was seen
All for t' attack that wagon train
On Mountain Meadows green
They a'ttacked them in broad daylight
As they were on their way
They soon around their wagons all
An' fought in brave arae

Then Lee, th leader of th band
To them his word did give
That if they would give up their arms
He'd surely let them live
An' when they had give up their arms
They'd gain their lives to save
Th word was passed among th ranks
That sent them to their graves

And when they had give up their arms
They started for Cedar City
They decended on them in Indian style
O, what a human pity
They melted down with one accord
Like wax before th flame
Both men an' women, young an' old
O, Utah where's they shame

Both men an' women, young an' old
A lie'n in their gore
And such an awful sight an' sound
T'was n'er beheld before
Their property was divided
Among th bloody crew
And Uncle Sam is bound t' see
This bloody matter through

His soldiers must be stationed
Through out this Utah land
All for t' seek those muder'ers out
An' bring them to his hand
By order of their President
This evil deed was done
He was th leader of th Morman Church
His name is Brigham Young