Wilcox To Globe

Cat. #0681 (MFH #712) - As sung by Tom Aley, Ozark, Missouri on February 8, 1969

Come all you jolly freighters
Who ever hit the road
Whoever hauled a load of freight
From Wilcox t' Globe
That's how I made my live'in
For ten long years or more
Haul'n freight for Leevermand and Meyers
No wonder I am poor

And it's home, dearest home,
Home I want'a be
Over on th heiley, in th white mans count-a-ree
Where th poplar and ash, an' mesquite will ever be
Grow'in green along th river
There's a home for you an' me

Well, its barbwire an' bacon
Is all that they will pay
You get a check from Leeverman
T' draw your grain an' hay
You'd ask 'em for five dollars
Old Meyers'll scratch his pate
An' th clerks in their white collars say
Get out an' haul your freight

Well, perhaps you'd like t'know, boys
What we have t' eat
A little bit o' bread, a dirty hunk o' meat
A little bit o' coffee, an' sugars on th sly
An' if you want'a go it boys
Its root hog or die