The Boston Burglar

Cat. #0685 (MFH #73) - As sung by Max Hunter, Springfield, Missouri on February 9, 1969

I was borned in Boston, a city we all know well
Brought up by honest parents, so th truth to you I'll tell
Brought up by honest parents, an' raised most tenderly
Till I became a sporting man at th age of twenty-three

My character was taken and I was sent to jail
My friends found it was in vain to get me out on bail
Th jury found me guilty, th clerk he wrote it down;
Th Judge then passed my sentence, I was sent to Charlestown

T' see my aged Father a-standing at th bar,
Likewise my aged Mother, a-tearing at her hair,
Yes, tearing of her old gray locks,
While th tears came rolling down
Saying: "Son, my Son, what have you done,
That you're sent to Chralestown

I was put on board an eastern train on a cold December day
And at every station that we passed I'd hear th people say
There goes that Boston Burglar, see how he's all bound down
For some great crime or another, he's off to Charlestown

There was a girl in Boston, a girl that I loved well
If ever I get my liberty, along with her I'll dwell
If ever I get my liberty, bad company I will shun
Likewise night prowling and gambling, and drinkin' rum

You, who have your liberty, pray keep it if you can
Don't run around th streets at night or break th laws of man
For if you do you'll find yourself, just all bound down like me
Serving out some twenty years, in th penitentiary

I don't remember when I first heard this song but it would be around 1928. It was on a record we had and was played quite often. I have not heard it sung since.