Hello Central

Cat. #0692 (MFH #275) - As sung by Fred Smith, Bentonville, Arkansas on February 24, 1969

Papa darlin', I'm so lonely
Sobbed a tearful little child
Since dear Mamma's gone to Heaven
Papa darling you've not smiled
I will speak to her an' tell her
That we want her to come home
Jest you listen while I call her, o'er th telephone

Hello central, give me Heaven
I've a Mamma there
You will find 'er with the angels
On th golden stairs
She'll be glad it's me whose speaking
Tell her won't you please
For I want'a surely tell her
We're so lonely here

When th girl renewed that message
Coming o'er that telephone
How her heart could in those moments
An' th wire seemed t' moan
I will answer just to please her
Yes, dear heart, I'll soon be home,
Kiss me, Mamma, kiss your darling, o'er th telephone