The Concert Garden

Cat. #0007 (MFH #83) - As sung by Mrs. Goldie Schott, Mondell, Arkansas on April 3, 1958

It was in a concert garden
Where th fun had just commenced
All were joyfull and the wine begins to flow
From a table in th corner
A young man slowly rose and said,
O, it's getting late boys, I must go
And another says, set down Jack
Why , th fun has just commenced
But he slowly shook his head, as he replied

Somebody's waiting for me
And it's someone who loves me, I know
There's a light shining bright
In th window tonight
For, there's somebody, waiting for me

You have got a 'nother sweetheart,
Some among them softly said,
If she's handsome, Jack, pray introduce us too
If you'll come with me, he answered,
I will show her to you, boys
The only sweetheart that I ever knew,
Then he led them to a garden
Pointed to th window pane
Where a gray hair'd woman set with bowed down head
It's my Mother, she's my sweetheart
It was her I meant, tonight
So you see, I told th truth boys, when I said,


Goldie says, this is a Texas range song and she learned it when she was a very small girl and she is now 69 years old.