Bell Bottom Trousers

Cat. #0705 (MFH #75) - As sung by Max Hunter, Springfield, Missouri on April 20, 1969

I was a serving maid down in Drury lane
My master, he was good to me, my mistress was th same
When along come a sailor on shore at liberty
Out my way he took liberty with me

Singin Bell Bottom Trousers, coat of navy blue
Let him climb th riggin like his Daddy us'd to do

It was at a ball I met him, an' he asked me for a dance
I knew he was a sailor by th way he wore his pants
His shoes were neatly polished and his hair was neatly combed
After th ball he asked to see me home

He ask me for a handkerchief to tie around his head
He ask me for a candle to light his way to bed
I a foolish, maiden, not thinkin' it no harm
Jumped into th sailors bed to keep th sailor warm

I knowed he was no Sampson but that night he went to town
He laid me on th bed there, till by blue eyes turned to brown
An' early in th mornin' before the break of day
A twelve pound note he gave to me and these warning words did say

Take this my darlin' for th damage I have done
You may have a daughter or you may have a son
If you have a daughter 'bounce her on your knee
And if you have a son send th bastard out to sea

Now, listen all you maidens to my girlish plea
Don't ever let a sailor get his hand upon your knee
I trusted one once and then he went t' sea
An' left me with a daughter to 'bounce upon my knee