Down In Arkansas

Cat. #0711 (MFH #159) - As sung by Floyd McGinnis, Pea Ridge, Arkansas on May 20, 1969

I had a girl and her name was Jill
Down in Arkansas
I loved that girl an' I always will
Down in Arkansas
Her ruby lips an' her hair so black
She was so cross-eyed, for a fact
She cried and th tears rolled down her back
Down in Arkansas

Down in the Ar-kan
Down in th Ar-kan
Down in th Ar-kan-sas
The only girl that I ever loved
Was down in Arkansas

I had a cow that slobbered so bad
Down in Arkansas
I spent all the money I had
Down in Arkansas
I went to see ole Doctor Slick
I asked him what to do for it
He said, teach that cow to spit
Down in Arkansas

A man by th name of Davy Crockett
Down in Arkansas
Carried his false teeth in his hip pocket
Down in Arkansas
He was a walk'n all around and around
An he, hitched up his horses an' he started to town
Th dern teeth bit 'im when he set down
Down in Arkansas