Ole Bill Moshers Ford

Cat. #0717 (MFH #479) - As sung by Floyd McGinnis, Pea Ridge, Arkansas on May 20, 1969

Ole Bill Mosher rode a horse
Till the old horse died, one day
Then he said, he would buy him a Ford
Although he couldn't pay
Well, he went an' he stood th rent man off
An' he made a payment down
He's just as proud as a sett'n hen
When he drove it around th town

Ole Bill Mosher nursed that Ford
Like a baby two weeks old
He even wrapped it up at night
Afraid it might take cold
An' if you ask him for a ride
He'd never take a chance
Before you ever got inside
You would have to dust your pants

He started home from work, one day
Driv'n that Ford along
Mak'n fourteen miles a hour
With th engine a sing'n a song
Dirk Massey's Ford came up behind
And when he turned a curve
He hit Bill Mosher in th rear
An' he busted up his nerve

Well, it almost broke Bill Moshers heart
To see his Ford bent up
He said th dern thing look just like
A chain - gangs drink'n cup
He turned and he looked at Massey's face
An' th words came fast an' hot
I could repeat just what he said
But guess't I'd better not

Now, Bill's working night an' day
T' pay that rent man off
His Ford looks like ole tennis shoes
With both th soles worn off
Just an ole flat tire an' a bale of wire
A piece of hickory board
That's all there is an' there ain't no more
Of, ole Bill Moshers Ford