Sing Low And Sing Lay

Cat. #0725 (MFH #603) - As sung by M.L. Mercer, Springfield, Missouri on May 21, 1969

Sing low, and sing lay, boys
Sing low, and sing lay

(Mercer forgot the tune so he tells the story.) His wife got sick and he went t' the Doctor, an' th Doctor give 'im a plaster t' put on 'er chest. So, he went home an' he looked upstairs an' he looked downstairs, he looked everywhere, an' he couldn't find any chest. So, he just put it on th band box. An' that didn't do 'er a blame bit o' good. so the only thing that would do her any good, was fer me t' sing; Sing low an' sing lay, boys Sing low an' sing lay (My wifes' cousin, Lynn Barnhart tells a tale to my Mother-in-law, Inez Mercer)