Little Marion Parker

Cat. #0731 (MFH #390) - As sung by Glenn Orhlin, Mountain View, Arkansas on May 29, 1969

Little Marion Parker
Left her home one day
An' headed for th schoolhouse
So very far away
She took her little sister
An' little did she know
Following in her footsteps
There came a deadly foe

Right into th schoolhouse
This Edward Hickman went
To tell little Marion Parker
Of Papa's accident
He took 'er from th schoolhouse
An' led 'er far away
Wrote to her dear Daddy:
I've kidnapped her today

Her Father, brought th money
Just as th letter said
But when he found little Marion
His darl'n child was dead
It was th blackest murder
The awfulest in th state
At th hands of Edward Hickman
Little Marion met her fate

(Said he left out this little plug: Her Father was supposed t' leave fifteen hundred dollars at th meeting place, or little Marion's death will follow, an you'll never see her face. Comes in before: Her Father brought th money.)