Charley Quantrell

Cat. #0737 (MFH #115) - As sung by Glenn Orhlin, Mountain View, Arkansas on May 29, 1969

Young people listen unt' me a story, I will tell
His name was Charley Quantrell in Kansas he did dwell
T' was on th Kansas plains he begin his wild career
An' many wealthy gentlemen before 'im shook with fear
Charley Quantrell-O

He fell in with a packman his name was K.O. Fine
They traveled on together till day was nearly done
Th packm'n missed his money likewise his watch an' chain
An' he encountered Quantrell an' robbed 'im back again
Charley Quantrell-O

Charley find th packman just as good a man as he
Said, will you join me on th highway t' be
Th packman he cousented without no more delay
An' proved a royal comrade until his dy'n day
Charley Quantrell-O

Was on th little prairie at th place they call Lamar
Charley an' is comrade were driven to their war
Th jury passed th sentence, th Judge gave his reply
For rob'n on th highway you are condemed to die
Charley Quantrell-O

Charley's wife, to town did go provision for t' buy
When she seen poor Charley boys, she begin for t' weep an' cry
I wish I had a sixpence, no more than had she spoke
When she handed him a blunderluss from underneath her cloak
Charley Quantrell-O

Now, with this loaded blunderluss th story must be told
He made tham all t' tremble, he robbed them of their gold
Their hunderds an' their thousands they lay down by his side
With their horses n' their saddles too, th mount'ns they did ride
Charley Quantrell-O

Now, Charley be'n an outlaw, out on a monunt'n high
Both infantry an' calvary, t' take 'im they did try
He laid out in th bushes that grew thick in th field
An' received nine wounds before that he would yield
Charley Quantrell-O

Farewell, to my old Father, wherever he may be
To my little Sister, shed a tear for me
An' to my dear old Mother, wring her hands an' cried
Said it's best Charley Quantrell in your cradle you would died
Charley Quantrell

(Glenn picks a tune on his guitar.)