Cole Younger

Cat. #0738 (MFH #104) - As sung by Barry Sutterfield, Marshall, Arkansas on May 26, 1969

I am a noted highway man
Cole Younger is my name
Of a many a desperadeo
That's brought my friend to shame
But th robb'n of th Northfield bank
In which I can't deny
An' now I am a poor prisoner
In th Stillwater jail I lie

O, we will buy fast horses,
An' brother Bob did say
We will buy fast horses
On which t' ride away
We'll strive for our Fathers ruins
On which to win the prize
An' I'll fight those anti-guerillas
Until th day we die

We started out for Texas
That good ole Lone Star state
All out t'ward th boulders
Th James boys we did meet
With knives an' revolvers
We all set down to play
An' a bottle of good ole liquor, boys
To pass th time away

Th Union Pacific railway
Th next on them su-prised
An' th boring of their bloody hands
Brought tears unto their eyes
Th fireman an' engineerm'n killed
Th conductor 'scaped his life
Their bodies now lie sleeping
B'neath th Newbraska burning skies

We saddled up our horses
An' northward we did go
T' that good ole country
Called Minni-sota-o
We had our eyes on th Northfield bank
When brother Bob did say,
Cole, if you undertake that job
You'll always curse th day

Then we took our stations
An' to th bank did go
It was I across th counter
That struck my fatal blow
Saying, hand us over your money, boys
An' make no delay
We are th noted Younger boys,
An' spare no time t' pray