The Laughin' Song

Cat. #0074 (MFH #349) - As sung by Milton Battle, Salem, Arkansas on April 23, 1958

I'se strolling down th street one day
I heard some people say
There goes a poor ole black niggar
He is going far away
When I turned around to see what I could see
There stood my true love
She stepped right up to me
And then I laughed

Well, then she says you negro,
Youse not going far away
For if you do your honey
Will cry this live-long day,
Then she stepped up to me
She took me by the hand
She says, you is my honey
Why, couse you is my man

If you won't be my man
I'll have no man atall
She says, you is my honey
I love you best of all,
Then I popped the question
You cain't guess what she said
We married the very next day
But the words old Milton said
And then I laughed