Lonely Tomb

Cat. #0756 (MFH #394) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on May 26, 1969

I was stroll'n one day in a lonely graveyard
When th voice from th tomb seemed to say
I once lived like you live, walked an' talk like you talk
But from earth I was soon called away

O those tomb, lonely tomb
Seemed to say in a low gentle tone
O how sweet, is th rest
In that beautiful Heavenly home

Every voice from th tomb seemed to whisper an' say
Living man, you must soon follow me
An' I thought as I looked on those cold marble slabs
What a dark lonely place it must be

When I came to th place where my Mother was laid
An' in silence stood by her tomb
An' a voice seemed to say, in a low gentle tone
I am safe with my Saviour at home