Joseph Looney

Cat. #0759 (MFH #334) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on May 26, 1969

Come all you lov'n people
Who say you love th Lord
Come fill His holy promise
According to his word
He speaks in tones of thunder
He speakes in tones of love
Ah, such a little childreng
As th Kingdom above

Come all you lov'n people
In Jesus you demand
Come be a gallyant soldier
For Jesus crucy-fied
When this war is over
We'll lay our armor down
An' fly away to Jesus
To wear a starry crown

There were a little family
When they were all alive
Composed of wife an' husband
An' childreng, they were five
His name was Joseph Looney
They lived in peace an' love
Till he pleased th Lord in glory
To carry him above

He leaves his wife an' children
In this vain world of sin
Where troubles now at hand
They'd sorrow now within
He says, to wife an' childreng,
What makes it grieve you so
Th blessed Lord, has called me
An' I'm prepared t' go

Then turning to his Father
He says, O meet me there
An' you too, my dear Mother
This world so bright an' air
To trust alone in Jesus
Thru trouble an' despair
To meet your son, in Heaven
To dwell forever there

Then turning to his brother
He looked so earnestly
He says, I hear you vo-rice
You face I cannot see
I see a star in glory
I see my mansions there
I see th Holy Angel
My soul away t' bare

To his brothers an' his sisters
O, are you all prepared
If not, I pray th Lord,
Your precious lives be spared
To trust alone in Jesus
The only way I know
To make a preparation
To meet your brother, Joe