Pretty Polly

Cat. #0761 (MFH #523) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on May 26, 1969

Far down in th lonely valley, Pretty Polly did dwell
Who's courted by a Captain, who loved 'er so well
Her Father an' mother, came this far to know
And parted Pretty Polly an' 'er own true love

One night she was 'musing on th bed
A very strange notion, came thru Polly's head
She went to 'er Father's stable an' viewed them all around
An' picked out a horse, could travel th round

Then first a vest-coat, she put on
And ever degree, she seemed like a man
With a brace an' th pistols worn by her side
Like a United States soldier, Pretty Polly did ride

She rode, she rode, till she came to th town
An' there she put up, sight of th crown
Th first one she met with was th English O'Lord
Th next 'un was a Captain, Pretty Polly's true love

What news from your country, what news do I hear
She hand him a letter, from Polly, your dear
He opened th letter, ten pennies he found
Saying, Polly is a soldier with th men all around

Pretty Polly, being weary, hung down her head
She called for a candle to light 'er to bed
Th Captain replied, I have a bed at my ease
An' you may lie with me, kind sir if you please

To lie with a Captain, 's to lie with a king
I'm a United States soldier, from George Washington, I came
I fight for my liberty, by sea an' by land
If you be my Captain, I'll be your command

Now, Polly is married, she lives at her ease
She goes when she gets ready, returns when she please
She left her ole parents to grieve an' to mourn
Saying, Polly, O Polly, when will you return