The City of Light

Cat. #0078 (MFH #86) - As sung by Mr. J. W. Breazeal, Springfield, Missouri on April 27, 1958

There's a city of light
Mid th sorrows, we are told
Where they know not a sorrow or care
And th gates are all pearl
An' th streets are all gold
An' th buildings exceedingly fair

Let us pray for each other
Nor faint by th way
In this sad world of sorrow an' care
For that home is so bright
An' is almost in sight
An' I trust in my heart you'll go there

Brother dear, never fear
We shall triphunt at last
If we trust in th word he has giv'n
When our trials or toils
And our scourage are past
We shall meet in that home up in heav'n

Let us walk in th light
Of th gospel devine
Let us ever keep near to th cross
Let us love, watch an' pray
In our pilgramage here
Let us count all things else but as lost