Songs That Never Grow Old

Cat. #0080 (MFH #571) - As sung by Mr. J. W. Breazeal, Springfield, Missouri on April 27, 1958

By an old country church, that stood by the way
I chanced to be passing, one bright summer day
When I heard sounds of music, melodious and grand
I stopped and listened, it was Come Angel Band

A band of old singers had met there to sing
To pray to their Saviour, redeemer and king
And on still air did the loud chorus roll
As they sang, Jesus Lover of My Soul

Then after a pause, there arose once again
The sounds of their voices in sweet sad refrain
And my thoughts were wafed to heaven above
As I listened to th strains of Wonderous Love

And sweet sad emotions surged through my breast
As they sang the old songs, my Father loved best
A pentient prayer for th sinner and knave
Floated out on the air as they sang, O Save

And I thought, old singers, what message you bring
To a lost dying world as these old songs you sing
Then with emotions of joy, while tears dim my eyes
I listened to th singing of, The Sweet Bye and Bye

My mind was carried back, to th scenes of th past
Which memory cherished while life shall last
And as slowly and thoughtfully I moved away
I heard th sweet strains of, O Happy Day

While they were not classical music, no organ played a part
Those grand old hyms, our fathers sang
They reached and touched my heart
With a harmony and melody, that is both sublime and grand
They convey a gospel message, that all can understand
When th toils of life are over and we are called to rest
In a home that knows no sorrow, in mansions of the blessed
When we leave this world of sorrow and join th white robe throng
Then I think, we'll hear them singing
These grand old gospel songs

This is a series of six songs with poetry readings between each. Singing by Mr. J.W. Breazeal, the reading was by myself. This was supposed to have been composed by Mr. J. Lon Dennis.