Preacher And The Bear

Cat. #0805 (MFH #528) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on June 25, 1969

Well, that ole preacher went out'a hunt'in
On one Sunday morn
Hit was against his religion
But he took his gun along
He killed 'imself a couple o' quail
An' one little measley hare
An' on his way, returning home
H' met a great big grizzly bear
Th ole bear stepped out in th middle of th road
An' jest kept a'comin, you see
Th preacher got excited,
An' they clumb up a cimnon tree
Well, th bear sit down on th ground
An' th coon clumb out on a limb
An' he cast his eyes, t' th Lord in th sky
An' these words said to Him

Lord, Daniel from th lions den
Joanie from th belly of th whale, amen
Th Hebrew chil'rn from th fire in th furnace
Th good book do declare
Says, Lord, Lord, if ya caint help me
Please don't help that bear

Well, about that time th limb it split
N' th coon came tumbl'in down
You ought'er seen 'im get his razzer out
Beore he hit th ground
He hit th ground cutt'n right an' left
N' put up a pretty game fight
Then th bear squeezed him
Squeezed a little to tight
Well, th coon lost his razzer
An' th bear held on t' th them
Well, he cast his eyes to th Lord in th skies
An' once more pled to him