Robe Of White

Cat. #0807 (MFH #552) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on June 25, 1969

Th postman knocked an' waited for a sweet face to appear
A face that showed her heart was full of joy
In th cottage doorway, smiling thru her tears
Each time he brought a message from her boy

Her calloused hands was trembling, th postman noticed too
That her sweet anxious face was white
Could this be th letter that she had waited for
Would it tell'er that 'er boy was alright

I'm sorry, said th postman, I must ask you t' sign
This little that I have brought along
You see, this letter is registered an' then he slowly bowed his head
An' then she knew that there were somethin wrong

Th address on th corner of th envelope of blue
Showed her that her darling son was dead
Where Jimmy's name an' number had alway been before
His Captain name was written here instead

God, they've made my darlings grave th knoll with off his soul
She prayed an' umble prayer to God each night
Place on his grave a bloom'in rose where all th world could see
Her darl'in boy had won his robe of white