Texas Rangers

Cat. #0844 (MFH #622) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on August 27, 1969

Come all you Texas Rangers
Wherever you may be
I'll tell you of some trouble
That's happend unto me
My name is noth'in extry
But th truth to you I'll tell
I am a rov'in ranger
I'm sure I wish you well

At th age of sixteen
I joined th jolla band
We fought from Sana-tonio
Down to th Rye-O-grand
Our Captain, he informed us
Prehaps he thought was right
Before you reach th station
My boys, you'll have to fight

We saw th Indians coming
We heard them give th yell
My heart did sink within me
My courage almost fell
We saw th blue smoke ris'in
It seemed to reach th sky
An' th very next thought that struck me
My time had come to die

We fought fer nine long hours
Until th strike was o'er
Th like of dead and wounded
I never saw before
While six of th bravest rangers
That ever traveled west
Was buried in that cavnent
With a bullet in their breast

I thought of my ole mother
An' what she said to me,
O son, they 'er all strangers
You better stay with me
I thought she's ole an' childish
Th best I didn't know
My mind was bent on rambl'in
And I were sure to go

Perhaps you have a Mother
Likewise a sister two
Perhaps you have a sweetheart
To weep an' mourn for you
To advise you by experience
Th best I didn't know
I advise you by experience
You'd better stay at home