Cyclone At Ryecove

Cat. #0088 (MFH #87) - As sung by Mrs. Emma Jean and Mrs. Verda Fayes Hamilton, Gainesville, Missouri on April 29, 1958

O, listen today, of a story I'll tell
In a sad and teardom way
Of a dreadful cyclone that came down here
And blew our little school house away

Ryecove, ryecove
Th place of my childhood and home
Where lifes early morn, I once'd love to roam
But now it's so solemen and lone

When th cyclone appeared, it darkened the air
There was lightning in heavens bright door
And th children did cry, don't take us away
But spare us an' let us go home

There was Mothers so dear and Fathers th same
On th horrible scene they did moan
O, searching an' crying each found their own child
Now dying on pillows of stone

O, give us a home far beyond th blue sky
Where storms and cyclones are unknown
Where lifes early morn, I once to roam
But now it's so solemen and lone

Mrs. Bushong and Mrs. Hamilton are sisters. They learned this song from their Mother.