One Morning In a Court Room

Cat. #0009 (MFH #460) - As sung by Al Lindstedt, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on February 5, 1958

One morning in th court room
When a boy stood up for trial
Beside him stood his Father
On his face there was a smile
And he told th jury
This is not my only son
For I have three more home like him
An' I'll bring them one by one

An' the jurymen, they fainted
When the boy cried out for beer
An' th judge stood on his head
And th wind blew thru his ears
An' now there's thirteen funerals
The jurymen are dead
And th judge lived thirty minutes
An' before he died, he said,

My boy, you are a daisy
No other don't be done
No matter who your Father was
You are your Mother's son
And when you get married
Just have one son, for fun
And if he turns to be a sport
Then kill the son-of-a-gun

Al Lindstedt said, this was a very old song and had got into vaudeville shows and was changed to a comicial one.