One Morning In Jerusalem

Cat. #0904 (MFH #491) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on September 16, 1969

One morning in Jerusalem
Just about th break of dawn
A trial was in session
They's trying our dear Lord
They beat 'im and they scorned 'im
An' they made 'im carry his cross
On top of Clavary's mountring
They crucyfied our Lord

O th cry, from th cross
Forgive them blessed Father
He died upon th cross
O th cry, from th cross
The Son of God was dying
To save th world from lost

Saint Peter, he denied 'im
On that trial that awful night
He said, he never knew 'im
It was a awful sight
When Jesus looked upon 'im
With his eyes of perfect love
Saint Peter's heart was broken
He prayed to God above

Kind Father, h'it is finished
An' he bowed his head an' died
Th earth it was in darkness
Th graves was open wide
An' earthquake shocked Jerusalem
An' th dead walked in th town
Th multytude was frightened
God's wrath came pouring down