Why Do You Bob Your Hair Girls

Cat. #0913 (MFH #721) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on September 16, 1969

Why do you bob your hair girls
It is an awful shame
To rob th head God gives you
An' wear a flappers name
You taking off th covering
It is an awful sin
Don't never bob your hair girls
Short hair belongs to men

Why do you bob your hair girls
You know your doin' wrong
Rob th head God give you
You should wear it long
Every time you bob it
You breakin' God's command
Cannot bob your hair girls
An' reach th glory land

Why do you bob your hair girls
It's not th thing to do
Just wear it always wear it
To th Lord be true
An' then before th judgement
Meet your Lord up there
He'll say, well done for one thing
You never bobbed your hair