Air Mail To Heaven

Cat. #0918 (MFH #20) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on September 16, 1969

A letter was written by a little girls hand
It was filled with a little hearts love
Air mail to Heaven to Daddy
To a new home some where up above
Th postmand knowed that it couldn't be mailed
So he opened it an' he read
To my suprise, with tears in th eyes
Here's what th little girl said

Dear Daddy, Mamma loves someone new
She said, you wasn't coming back home
Told me to try to understand
That she cain't go on all alone
Dear Daddy, don't be mad at Mommy
For all that she has been through
I know he can never take your place
Jest be fillin' in for you

I hope you can forgive her
I'm sendin' this letter with love
Air mail, to Heaven to Daddy
To his new home somewhere up above
I finished an' folded th letter
With tears stram'n' down my face
For I was the man she had mentioned
Who's taken her Daddy's place