As Long As I Live

Cat. #0919 (MFH #21) - As sung by Ollie Gilbert, Mountain View, Arkansas on September 16, 1969

It was easy said, th night we parted
That we'd forget we had ever met
I have'nt forgotten, I wonder if you have
Or if your heart is full o' regret

As long as I live, if it be one hour
Or if it be a hundred years
I'll keep remembering forever an' ever
I love you, dear, as long as I live

I didn't think th night we parted
But life without you would be so sad
It may sound funny but I don't'a want'a forget you
Your th only happiness that I ever had

That ole bright moon we once watched together
Somehow tonight it doesn't seem th same
And ever bright star I can see your dear face
And th thoughts an' griefs seem to whisper your name

The talking you hear in th background is coming from the other side of th duplex house that Ollie lives in, a very old house.